Carmen Davies, MC, RCC

My style is collaborative, caring and non-judgmental taking a holistic approach, integrating the different aspects of the human experience. I believe each of us holds deep inner wisdom and I work to help clients unearth this. Embodiment is my passion and supporting my clients to feel more connected and at home in their bodies.

The Degrees and background:

Master of Counselling: City University of Seattle Canadian Program, Vancouver, BC 2019-2021

My graduate research focused on promoting healthy body image in women and girls through dance and movement interventions. I have worked with a variety of populations in schools, homes, community agencies, and private practice.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology, Minor in Sociology: University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB 2010-2014

I work with:

Self-esteem and self-worth, body image, anxiety, perfectionism, relationships, life transitions, grief & loss, anger, depression, stress and overwhelm, sexuality, spirituality, trauma.

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Angela + Carmen | November, 2021

I believe in our inherent capacity for healing and transformation, that we are wired to not only heal, but to thrive and feel pleasure and connection. When provided the space and safety for inner exploration, I have seen how clients can connect to confidence, clarity, self-compassion and the core aliveness we all possess. 

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