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I Choose Conscious Conception: How to clear ancestral trauma with Alexandra Goldwell

How do you release the past and reclaim your roots?

Alexandra Goldwell, M.A., is a speaker and healer passionate about growth, possibility and our future. Using clairaudience, clairvoyance and tools uncovered from over two decades of practice, she assists individuals to release the past, reclaim their voice and embody their authentic power. 

In this episode Alexandra talks about Conscious Conception as a path of preparation of the body, mind, spirit, home and relationships for the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. She shares how she discovered this concept of clearing the space for the spirit to enter before she was pregnant and how surprised she was that nobody talks about this stuff in modern culture! She shares a little bit about her own home birth story and how having other women present and the support of an experienced midwife and doula made all the difference in her painful, but powerful initiation into motherhood.

I just love Alexandra’s openness, insight and clarity.


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