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Am I a Culturally Competent Therapist? You Tell Me!


Apparently therapists rate themselves higher than their clients rate them when it comes to cultural competence.

I did my Therapist training at the Alder School which focused a lot on sociocultural awareness and the importance of social advocacy. I also practice in a person-centered way so that inherently comes with the gentleness of following rather than leading, which can hold the risk of making assumptions.

I see myself as a life-long learner. I’d also love to think of myself as having cultural humility, but I am of Northern European decent and while I intend to continue ongoingly to unpack baggage from my shadow in regards to the ways that I benefit from privilege, I am also very happy to stand corrected if I am missing something!

Most people say that me just expressing the openness to discussing these issues is enough to feel comfortable working with me … but I always welcome feedback from friends and clients alike!



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“Circlework provided for me a space to reflect and feel connected to myself and other women. To be able to take that feeling—that space—with me day to day provided me with a sense of empowerment and reassurance to any challenges I may face.”