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Ep.28 Lena Dolter: Know Your Flow

By Angela | June 10, 2021

Lena Dolter is an Initiatory Guide to the Feminine Mysteries, and Embodiment Expert. She specializes in guiding women to truly know who they are, to love, honor, and respect themselves, through understanding their body and the energy of their menstrual cycle. Through her work, women learn what it means to embody their inner feminine (intuitive)…

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Ep.27 Re-imagining the World with the Primordial Power of Eros with Kate Joyner

By Angela | June 1, 2021

After a lifetime of devotion to the ways of Mystery, Earth, Soul and Eros, her extraordinary path of Feminine Initiation has brought her to the edge of the long lost mysteries of the wild. Here Kate serves as a guide to the mysteries of Soul by facilitating the remembrance of the Lost Arts of the…

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Francis Weller on Grief & Soul Hygiene

By Angela | May 13, 2021

“This massive darkness makes us small. Not having practices to move through grief keeps us small. I consider grief a threshold. When we step across that threshold and enter the room of grief then we enter the room of grief, it has a way of opening up the rest of our lives. When we suppress…

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Ep.26 Grief is as Powerful as Love with Trixie Hennessey

By Angela | April 21, 2021

Trixie is a Registered Therapist and SoulStrong Intuitive Coach and mentor. Trixie is well respected in the field of eating disorders and known for her work with grief. She has received post Masters training in Neurosequential Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Emotion Focused Family Therapy.  Trixie is also a certified End-of-Life Doula. She brings huge passion…

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Ep.25 “I Trust My Body”: Women as Storytellers and Preservers of Wisdom with Jessica Austin

By Angela | March 17, 2021

Jessica Austin is a powerful woman and doula, living with metastatic cancer and mothering her 1-year-old. She is a carrier of so much community medicine and, in my books, she is basically a magical unicorn. In this conversation, we discuss women as storytellers and explore the importance of sharing around birth and birthing.  If you…

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Ep.24 “Let the World Kiss You”: Chameli Ardagh’s love of the great mystery

By Angela | February 26, 2021

Chameli Ardagh is a yogini and women’s wisdom keeper. Her love of decoding and experimenting with ancient wisdom teachings through her own practice in yogini circles all over the world has crystallized maps of spiritual awakening and leadership that are accessible, practical and honoring of women today. Rooted in earth honouring, devotional women’s spirituality and…

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Ep.23 Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother of Two (and My BFF) Recovers from Perfectionism After Facing Cancer Head-on

By Angela | February 12, 2021

In this episode of Shakti Stories we are talking with Jill Lawrence about: ~ what life was like in default mode: anxiety, depression, suicidal, wondering the point of life, passionless, not knowing what made me happy ~ what the experience of the discovery of purpose was like: empowering, scary, why did it have to get this…

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Ep.22 Sensuality, Self-worth and Magnetism: Remembering our feminine gifts with Claire de Haas

By Angela | February 8, 2021

I am delighted to share this fun conversation that I had with a new friend, Claire de Haas, about decision-making, intuition & embodying more of the feminine. Claire de Haas is a Feminine Embodiment Coach guiding women to own their feminine worth by cultivating more depth and sensual power. With this work we are developing…

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Ep.21 Freedom, Ecstasy and the Erotically Awake Feminine with Sally Kempton

By Angela | January 16, 2021

I am so thrilled to share this special interview with you with the brilliant Sally Kempton. Sally is a powerful teacher of applied spiritual wisdom, known for her capacity to kindle meditative states in others and help students work with meditative experience as a framework for practical life-change. She’s the author of the best-selling books,…

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Focusing on a New Year

By Angela | January 4, 2021

It’s that time of year that everyone’s on fire with setting intentions! “I will love myself more.”  “I will exercise more.” “I will eat healthier.”  I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that any attempts at self-discipline later turn into an unkind voice when I don’t show up in the way I’d wanted to.   So these days I ask myself, am I banishing other…

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