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Ep.15 Suzanne Rickards Raja

By Angela | June 13, 2020

Suzanne Rickards Raja has been in the personal development industry for over two decades and teaches empowerment with her husband through their company Warrior Sage.  She talks about how the world is feeling a lot of pain right now – how the pandemic has sent us to our rooms to consider what we haven’t been…

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Ep.14 The Pleasure Path of The Feminine with Blaire Lindsay

By Angela | May 2, 2020

What if You’re Not in the Mood for Sex (and much more) In this Shakti Story I ask Blaire Lindsay, the founder of the Embodied Feminine Power Coaching certification, how she defines The Feminine. Blaire is a Feminine embodiment coach who helps women go from doubting themselves to feeling confident and sexy. In her online…

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The Power of Inner Work

By Angela | April 14, 2020

At times of desperation, working with imagination can help us to center ourselves and hold our vision for how things could be. Here is a practice inviting the felt sense of support to the area of our chest and heart. I hope it is helpful. I really believe it’s even more imperative that we need…

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$40 Counselling!

By Angela | April 7, 2020

For anyone who may be financially struggling right now and would like some counselling support, I’ve got a lovely, dedicated, caring student named Carmen who is currently completing her Master’s in Counselling that I will be supervising in my practice from now through the Fall.  She’ll be doing 50 min Zoom or phone sessions on…

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Ep.13 Embodying Shakti with Achintya Devi

By Angela | April 7, 2020

How to Honour Anger, Sadness and Feminine Power Achintya is the Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School and Global Sisterhood and is dedicated to supporting women reclaim their Ancient Feminine Power & Sovereignty, and embody their Soul Essence. Summary of this Shakti Story episode (with time stamps): ~Achintya defines what Shakti means for her and…

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Introducing Focusing-oriented Therapy

By Angela | March 31, 2020

I created a video to share a little bit about Focusing-oriented Therapy and touch on why it might be helpful at this time and guide a short practice. I believe that working in the implicit, subtle realms is so important right now as we navigate our relationship to the outer world. Although pain and fear…

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Your Therapist’s Training

By Angela | February 29, 2020

I truly feel that therapist-client fit is more of an alchemy than about trainings, titles or labels. I’ve never had a client that I didn’t care sincerely about, and if someone calls in and I think what they are looking for might be different from what I offer, I’d let them know and refer on…

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Ep.12 Healing from Emotional Eating with Amber Romaniuk

By Angela | February 15, 2020

One Woman’s Journey from Self-sabotage to Body Freedom This episode is about emotional eating and self-love as the antidote and foundation for a healthier relationship to food and our bodies. Amber Romaniuk is an Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert who helps professional women achieve optimal health through mindful eating, self-care and overcoming self-sabotage with…

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Ep.11 Alexandra Goldwell on Conscious Conception

By Angela | January 30, 2020

How to Release the Past and Reclaim your Roots Alexandra Goldwell, M.A., is a speaker and healer passionate about growth, possibility and our future. Using clairaudience, clairvoyance and tools uncovered from over two decades of practice, she assists individuals to release the past, reclaim their voice and embody their authentic power.  In this episode Alexandra…

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Ep.10 The Crossing of Focusing and Sexuality

By Angela | January 21, 2020

What’s Really Driving Your Sex Drive? Kati Kimchi is a Focusing-oriented Co-ordinator who has been teaching and facilitating Focusing in her clinic for more than 10 years. The crossing of Focusing and Sexuality was born out of a her need to explore the sensitive issues of sexuality. Because she is a curious person she was…

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