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Joney will be starting with us on September 1, 2022. You can enter your contact info HERE if you'd like to waitlist for her reduced rate online sessions.

Joney Poon, pre-liscenced intern

The human experience can be exhausting and confusing at times.

If you are reading this, it’s likely you may have reached a point of exhaustion. The logical brain may be saying “but, I don’t know why/how…”

You feel that there is something that's missing.

I’ve been there. The body holds inner stories that are trying to be told, but when the mind doesn’t know how to process them, they show up as anxiety, depression, feeling lost or stuck, and/or behaviors that directly impact our connection to ourselves, others, and the universe.

Together we will get curious about the barriers you have created to break you free from the stories and patterns that no longer serve you in your path to liberation & expansion. My approach includes music therapy, somatic, hypnotherapy, altered states of consciousness and quantum physics as a source for self-knowing.

I identify as a cisgendered female and person of colour. I am of Asian background, mostly Chinese.

My passion is to continue to grow my skills and deepen my understanding in family systems, cultural and social contexts that shape us, existential therapy, and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. This is why I’m pursuing my RCC - Masters in Counselling.

I travel to understand the human condition, spirituality, and the nature of soul. I live my life as an ever-unfolding journey and model to others what I'd like to see more of in the world: love, discernment, and child-like curiosity.