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My Work with Teen Girls

By Angela Cara | December 14, 2022

I have a very specific niche with females in their teens (15+). Most young women go into sexual experiences believing that the mark of a successful sexual experience hinges upon the other person’s pleasure and whether there is evidence of them being “liked” after the encounter. They’ve been told to be “good” their whole life…

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What is Embodied Spirituality?

By Angela Cara | October 16, 2022

We all function from programs. The task of healing is to become conscious of the programs that we are functioning from. It’s an arduous journey, even a heroic challenge, to deeply reflect and unravel the outdated programs so we can re-write them and accept new uploads while also living our modern lives. How do we…

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Dream Questions

By Angela Cara | August 3, 2022

This is a chapter from Gendlin’s book “Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams”. In my opinion, there are no other dream books necessary. Gendlin said that the first question needs to be asked every time. After that, scan the list and have fun with it. The questions are for the dreamer to ask the body.…

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Love, Soul, and Material Spiritualism

By Angela Cara | February 21, 2022

“Jung said that the soul itself is fundamentally oriented toward life–the soul, he said, is the archetype of life–while the search for meaning or the quest for higher consciousness has some other root. The soul finds its home in the ordinary details of everyday life and does not in itself have an urgent need for…

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The Problem with Empathy in Teens: supporting friends AND holding personal boundaries

By Angela Cara | January 30, 2022

It’s not uncommon that I work with people who identify as empaths. Many remember when they were a teenager that they had friends who are struggling and leaning on them for support. Receiving trauma stories can be traumatic in and of itself…especially when the young listener is asked to keep it a secret. If you’ve…

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the thing about thoughts

By Angela Cara | January 30, 2022

The thing about thoughts is that they aren’t feelings. I have great respect for so many therapeutic orientations that are analytic, especially the depth psychological approaches, which have traditionally been more cognitive in nature. I also have great respect for thoughts, words, and words strung together thoughtfully. But, it was not until I began guiding…

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I picked a word for 2022. Did you?

By Angela Cara | January 21, 2022

It’s been said that feelings last 90 seconds. Anyone who has spent time making consistent contact with their inner experience knows that’s probably about right. Feelings are not something solid. They’re made up of energy, and tend to shift quickly when we can be present with them. We can also get stuck in them when we’re swept off…

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Psilocybin in Psychotherapy

By Angela Cara | October 18, 2021

I’d love to share a little bit about something beautiful that I have had the pleasure and privilege of being involved in ~ legal, end-of-life psilocybin journeys. The first two journeys I sat were with Bruce (in the photo above)… one was featured in Vice (last November: and on CBC ( The next was…

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The Erotic As Power

By Angela Cara | October 10, 2021

Audre Lorde reads the essay “Uses of the Erotic: the Erotic as Power” … one of the most important essays of the 20th century. She talks about eros, “the personification of love in all it’s aspects” – “the lifeforce of all women … that creative energy empowered, the knowledge and use of which we are…

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A Moment of Focusing

By Angela Cara | October 3, 2021

Hi! I’m Angela, and I offer in-person, telehealth sessions and walk-and-talk therapy. I am a strengths-based, person-centered, depth psychotherapist who provides therapy to adults who are seeking support in healing and growing through various life challenges. I’ve been a therapist for a decade and so I’ve worked at St.Paul’s, clincs and treatment centers in the…

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