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Beginning the Anti-racism Journey

By Angela | October 24, 2020

In Episode 16 I speak with Emmy Chahal, an international yoga teacher, intuitive healer and workshop facilitator, asking her how she might explain systemic racism. Emmy is passionate about the topic of dismantling colonialism and identifying radicalized trauma so I am excited I got her on Shakti Stories to talk about this as it’s a…

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Turn On is Medicine. But What if Your Partner is Driving You Bananas?

By Angela Caruk | May 20, 2020

4 Steps to Deal with Intense Emotions Toward Your Intimate Partner In the last Shakti Story with Blaire, I asked her any tips she would give to anyone who isn’t feeling sexy or attracted to their intimate partner right now. I loved her point about how you just can’t force it. She recommends to spend…

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The Power of Inner Work

By Angela | April 14, 2020

At times of desperation, working with imagination can help us to center ourselves and hold our vision for how things could be. Here is a practice inviting the felt sense of support to the area of our chest and heart. I hope it is helpful. I really believe it’s even more imperative that we need…

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$40 Counselling!

By Angela | April 7, 2020

For anyone who may be financially struggling right now and would like some counselling support, I’ve got a lovely, dedicated, caring student named Carmen who is currently completing her Master’s in Counselling that I will be supervising in my practice from now through the Fall.  She’ll be doing 50 min Zoom or phone sessions on…

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Introducing Focusing-oriented Therapy

By Angela | March 31, 2020

I created a video to share a little bit about Focusing-oriented Therapy and touch on why it might be helpful at this time and guide a short practice. I believe that working in the implicit, subtle realms is so important right now as we navigate our relationship to the outer world. Although pain and fear…

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Your Therapist’s Training

By Angela | February 29, 2020

I truly feel that therapist-client fit is more of an alchemy than about trainings, titles or labels. I’ve never had a client that I didn’t sincerely care about, and if someone calls in and I think what they are looking for might be different from what I offer, I’d let them know and see if…

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Power & Pleasure – A Women’s Workshop

By Angela | June 12, 2019

Connect to your sense of power. Honour your boundaries. Make space for pleasure. Lead with power & joy. Saturday 13th July 2-6PMCanadian Memorial Center for Peace1825 W 16th, Vancouver $60 early bird (Until June 30th). $80 regular registration.Payment via interact transfer to angela@carukcounselling.com With Angela Caruk & Uschi Steedman Angela is a pyschotherapist passionate about…

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By Angela | March 4, 2019

Our March Circle was a beautiful circle of women who enjoyed singing together, creating art for fun, and exploring our intuitive instincts through movement and play.

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Something New: A Jungian Group!

By Angela | January 2, 2019

For something new … an all genders group called “Journey Into the Self”.  I will be offering this with my colleague, Art Therapist Cammi Manchur.  We will be exploring together 4 Jungian concepts over 4 weeks: the Persona, the Anima/Animus, the Shadow, and finally… the Self.  I LOVE jungian psych! It is deep but can…

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Circlework: Empowering Feminine Wisdom

By Angela | January 1, 2019

Are you craving more connection to yourself and other women? Are you longing for that sense of being in community? Join me – Angela, MA, RCC – for Circlework. Inspired by Jalaja Bonheim, it’s a practice that women all around the world are using to heal and empower themselves and their life.

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