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Using Circlework Gatherings to Heal

By Angela Cara | October 1, 2018

I just spent 6 days in circle with 15 beautiful women in a “Goddess island” in the mountains of Itahca, New York. I miss it.  Jalaja taught me so much, and with such humility, and always with a sense of respect for the circle. ​Carl Jung called the circle: “the archetype of wholeness and divinity.”…

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Tips on Creating an Altar

By Angela Cara | March 3, 2018

Would you like to set intentions in your home or work space for more love, ease and beauty? I was reflecting on a practice that would be fun to share and decided to offer you a few simple tips on creating an altar ♡ The first thing to do is to gather some items that…

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Inviting Aphrodite

By Angela Cara | November 7, 2017

For women curious about igniting more vitality and passion in your body & in life, I am holding a workshop series with two other women this Fall. The workshops involve dance, meditation, and sharing our stories in a safe and supportive space with one another.  ​We’ve had the first session of Inviting Aphrodite “Deepening our Pleasure” and…

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