Living in Your Flow: Mapping your moon cycle with Jade Mason

By Angela Cara | June 7, 2019

Restore Your Feminine Spirit and Release Shame Jade Mason is a modern day mystic who is passionate about seeing her clients thrive and live their best life! She provides empowerment mentoring, ancient wisdom teachings, consciousness expansion practises,  yoga, bodywork, breath work, sacred ceremony, healing & divination.  She also works with men to support them to…

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Unlocking Shakti: Bridge heaven and earth with Mahan Khalsa

By Angela Cara | June 5, 2019

There’s a Yes, There’s a No, and There’s a Maybe This first episode of Shakti Stories will open the door to the temple of Shakti and invite you to consider how your life force energy is showing up in your life. Do you give yourself permission to be honest about what you most deeply desire?…

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