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Therapy is a journey of self-discovery.

Do you ever feel like your life is fine, yet you feel stressed, stretched or out of touch somehow? Who would you be if you didn’t feel this way?

Transforming your sense of self-worth requires inner work. It's not always easy to reveal ourselves. But, therapy can bring our unhelpful patterns to light, help us close repetitive mind loops and interrupt patterns of inner criticism and self-doubt in order to solve real-life problems and increase self-confidence.

I teach people to work with their body wisdom to find answers to real issues. My clients are often thoughtful, but they may feel burned-out, stuck or out-of-touch when it comes to work, love or relationships.

I see therapy as soul care. Together we’ll make space for your strength and resilience to come forward. Learning to be in a relationship with your inner world allows you to be more present in life...and that gives you freedom and choice.

After the first few sessions, the work may feel a bit different from a traditional talk therapy session because I will invite your awareness toward the inner "felt" sense beneath the words to help deepen the process of self-understanding.

I love the mystery of the human psyche. I draw on multiple theoretical orientations, tailoring my approach to your unique needs.

Focusing is a tool that I can teach you that helps me to put everything I know to the side and listen closely with a caring attitude. If you'd like to try it, it's a somatic tool for making direct, experiential contact with what is happening right now, just below the surface. I've noticed that it can also help people identify past experiences that are still inhibiting expression of wholeness.

There is nothing you need to know or figure out. I can help guide you into your body wisdom which will tell us the most accurate information about what's really going on and what's actually needed.

Most people benefit from having a safe space to feel genuine acceptance and connection while identifying true feelings, values, wants and needs.

You may not even identify as having trauma, and yet you've hidden parts of yourself to be accepted, went along with things that just didn't feel right to you, felt chronically guilty or embarassed easily, or you compulsively minimize your own inner going-ons and put other people's needs first. You may find it really difficult to let go of other people's feelings at the end of the day!

I believe that the past continues playing into the future if certain thoughts, beliefs and behaviours remain unacknowledged, but exploring these lesser-known parts of our experience in order to integrate these parts of ourselves can help us find a sense of empowerment that carries into our lives.

As you are ready, the past will show itself, but we don’t always need to dig up every detail of the past. Shifts on the somatic level often bring healing to other related memories that hold a similar charge.

My clients may struggling with:

  • body image issues
  • establishing boundaries
  • people-pleasing & co-dependence
  • low self-worth
  • burn-out or lack of fulfillment
  • finding pleasure in love, sex or relationships

Having the support of a trained therapist to help us process our experience allows us to begin to liberate ourselves from self-judgment, harmful criticism, shame and blame.

Arriving at a new level of self-acceptance through this process, our natural gifts have more room to reveal themselves, weave into our lives and inspire us forward.

This work can help you to:

  • make clear decisions
  • shift towards more creative energy in your life
  • get in touch with a sense of meaning and fulfillment
I do not specialize in personality disorders or psychosis. A Psychologist may be the best fit for you if you believe you could have a personality disorder or psychotic disorder.

Angela + Carmen | November, 2021


My job is to help you get to know yourself better. Through this increased awareness, you will learn more about the deeper roots of your feeling, memory and belief. You'll develop a closer deeper relationship with your inner world. In light of feelings seen and understood, you may find that you become more resilient in the face of life’s many challenges.



Individual counselling 60 minute session:
$170 per session (+ tax)

Longer sessions are also available and can be particularly helpful for couples sessions.

I offer compassionate fees based on need, however, my capacity for sliding scale is currently full. CLICK HERE to waitlist for compassionate fees. I will likely have a new intern in January that will be available for affordable sessions.

Payment is due by the end of the session by etransfer, credit card, cash or paypal. I will charge the card on file if another payment form isn't given.

SIGN HERE if you believe therapy should be gst-free.


Counselling fees are not currently covered under the BC Medical Services Plan, however, many extended health plans do include counselling coverage. Please call your insurer and ask whether they cover a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). My registration is #6724. You will pay up-front and submit to them the receipt you recieve after session. I do not submit invoices on behalf of clients in any case.

If you find that RCC visits are not covered under your plan, you may want to contact your insurance company directly to request an exception to the plan’s coverage. This link is to a letter that will help (though you'll want to edit it with up-to-date fees):


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Angela + Carmen | November, 2021


I am a Mindfulness-based Somatic Psychotherapist passionate about Dreams, Boundaries, Pleasure, Self-Compassion, Embodied Wisdom, Relationships, Women’s Work & Creativity. I love to help people move from stuck to unstuck. I work in private practice with my associate, Carmen, and my student, Joney.