Somatic Dreamwork with Angela

Just as no one else can tell you what you should feel inside, no one else can tell you what your dreams mean.

Dreams are alive; they are like plants growing towards the sun. Dreamwork can help us identify any conditions that keep them from flourishing and help them to grow.

The process is collaborative. Together, we create a space where you will learn more about yourself and start to relate to your inner experience with an attitude of curiousity.

Through this increase of awareness, you have the chance to overcome your nightmares, shift into more embodiment and begin to see life from a fresh perspective.

“This is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, grief you thought was forgotten, and joy you have never known.”

~Marion Woodman

There is no "right" or "wrong" in dream space.

Dreams are creative works which can lead us into more openness, fluidity, self-kindness or into exploring some part of ourselves that may want to be known.

I find dreamwork is most powerful when it is approached with curiousity toward body-feelings. "Where in your body do you feel that? Can you bring some breath there? Is there a colour? Shape? Where does the energy want to do? Is there any movement that comes with that?"

I call this work Somatic Dreamwork because it’s with the help of the dreamer’s intuitive "felt-sense" (a term from philosopher Eugene Gendlin) that we see the gifts and messages of the dreams emerge.

When we can have a "just right" feeling, we know that we're on track! That's what we want to follow when "interpreting" a dream. Otherwise, we may lose the sense of energy in dreams if we simply look up their meanings in a book and analyze them from our linear left-brain thinking.

Much like conditions in our lives, some dreams are unpleasant, and may be repetitive, murky or even frightening. But dreams can always be entered and worked with. When tended like a garden, your inner world has the chance to open up in new and beautiful ways.

My approach to dreamwork is birthed through mentorship in dreamwork with my teachers Dr. Ana Mozol and Dr. Leslie Ellis, but also in response to a lifetime of tending to my dreams. I consider dreamwork fundamental to my person work.

Angela + Carmen | November, 2021


Angela Cara, MA, RCC, is a Trauma-informed Therapist working in Private Practice with  Burn-out, Boundaries, Embodied Wisdom, Relationships, Dreams & The Feminine.

Details for Angela’s 2023 women's retreat will be released here.