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Pleasure Brings Us Back to Life: AND what to do when you are not in the mood with Blaire Lindsay

In this Shakti Story I ask Blaire Lindsay, the founder of the Embodied Feminine Power Coaching certification, how she defines The Feminine.

Blaire is a Feminine embodiment coach who helps women go from doubting themselves to feeling confident and sexy. In her online programs and in-person trainings, Blaire draws from a background in classical and neo-Tantra, yoga, dance and trauma resolution to help women access full-body presence and inner to outer radiance.

In this episode of Shakti Stories we are talking about:

~ What is “The Feminine”?

~ Why the focusing on pleasure matters now more than ever!

~ Healing trauma through finding our inner resources and leaning into what feels good.

~ What if you aren’t in the mood for sex? 

~ How boundaries have been a teacher for Blaire. 


Blaire says “forget everything you think you know about The Feminine”. But what does The Feminine means to her? She offers her definition (2:00).

She speaks about how pleasure is the medicine for patriarchal wounds (19:30).

Trauma from the Somatic Experiencing perspective – finding our inner strength, power and resilience (24:00).

Not feeling sexual? Blaire describes how to process that by being with what’s present with what you need and also remembering that turn on is medicine (37:30).

The importance of boundaries and taking care of our energetic hygiene in order to prevent depression and collapse (42:00).

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