Restoring Hope with Suzanne Rickards Raja

Suzanne Rickards Raja has been in the personal development industry for over two decades and teaches empowerment with her husband through their company Warrior Sage. 

She talks about how the world is feeling a lot of pain right now – how the pandemic has sent us to our rooms to consider what we haven’t been doing well as a collective!

She talks about how there is a masculine and feminine side within us all. We’ve all got that desire for freedom but we’ve also got that need for flow. She says that right now “we are feeling stopped in our tracks and the feminine within all of us is feeling that”.

She’s here to share her wisdom with us about how to work with some of the challenges we may be facing as the pain of members of our global family continue to rise the surface and how to hold that place within ourselves of compassion and self-compassion. 


-Suzanne describes The Masculine and The Feminine as she has come to understand them (2:30). 

-There is always hope – Suzanne explains this through the metaphor of the day after the night and the spring that follows winter (6:25). 

-Take a Breath (9:20).

-The Feminine is suffering. She needs to be restored through self-resourcing (15:20).

-Action Step #1: Let’s breathe wider together (20)

-Let’s talk about privilege – why would someone resist the term and how can they feel their defensiveness or whatever feeling is truly arising in order to then find curiousity (26).

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