What is Systemic Racism? Let the Feminine Lead the Way with Emmy Chahal

Emmy Chahal is an international yoga teacher, intuitive healer and workshop facilitator specializing in corporate wellness. I am so glad we can receive this woman’s wisdom as I believe she is wise beyond her years!

In this Shakti Story, I ask Emmy Chahal to share with us some straight truth about systemic racism.

In this episode of Shakti Stories we are talking about:

~ what life was like for Emmy growing up as a person of colour in Canada – examples of systemic racism (2:40)

~ the version of history that we’ve been told that puts white men on a pedestal – the trauma for indigenous people of seeing the celebration as colonization (9:10)

~ what is taking action? what can people do that are wanting to be good allies? (18:15)

~ what we can learn from the horrors of our collective history in Canada and intergenerational trauma (22:30)

~ how we may “other” people in our attractions and Emmy’s personal experience of feeling exotified by pervasive stereotypes (26)

~ how being raised in a system of patriarchy where the feminine is not valued intertwines with stereotypes about culture and race (29)

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