Awareness in the Heart: Honouring lineage and landing in our bodies

Abneet Kaur Sandhar is a holistic coach and yoga teacher who believes working our own embodiment is one of the most powerful things we can do right now.

In this Shakti Story I ask Abneet to tell us what the definition of Shakti and we discussed how one might honour the lineage of the words and concepts that we use.

In this episode of Shakti Stories we are talking about:

~ Decolonizing yoga through paying homage to lineage and embodying your practice

~ “Kiss and meet the breath” Abneet says to describe anchoring the breath inside the body (24)

~ Healing ancestral lines – reconciliation with parents, digging deeper into our own ancestral stories (30)

~ Be here now in your body with the earth… an embodied practice (34)

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