Sensuality, Self-worth and Magnetism: Remembering our feminine gifts with Claire de Haas

I am delighted to share this fun conversation that I had with a new friend, Claire de Haas, about decision-making, intuition & embodying more of the feminine.

Claire de Haas is a Feminine Embodiment Coach guiding women to own their feminine worth by cultivating more depth and sensual power. With this work we are developing a new system of relationship and value with the senses of your body. 

She nourishes women in their journey to appreciate their feminine qualities and tap into their feminine power. Many women repress their feminine energy and constantly walk the fine line to ‘fit in’ this masculine dominated world, either in their professional or personal life. 

She views the body as the key to liberation and during my sessions makes use of the 4 pillars of Embodiment: Sound, Breath, Awareness, and Movement.


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