Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother of Two Recovers from Perfectionism After Facing Cancer Head-on

In this episode of Shakti Stories we are talking with Jill Lawrence about:

~ what life was like in default mode: anxiety, depression, suicidal, wondering the point of life, passionless, not knowing what made me happy

~ what the experience of the discovery of purpose was like: empowering, scary, why did it have to get this bad?

~ what life is like in dream mode: daydreaming, constant conscious creation, possibilities, patience, joy, love, passion, self expression, sensuality

Jillian Lawrence is a female leader in business, who is passionate about making the world a better place. She loves leading purpose-driven female entrepreneurs to create their impact by understanding social marketing and what role feminine energy plays in the new advertising space.

Spending most of her life living in what she calls “Default-Mode”, this mother of two is no stranger to anxiety, depression, and lack of self-expression. After a cancer scare in early 2019, Jillian discovered her Purpose and has been driven to empower other women to take control of their life and live in what she calls “Dream-Mode”; choosing to consciously live life by dreaming the future and taking inspired action to create it.

Timestamps :

She describes what she means by “Default-Mode” – feeling like life was happening to her – anxiety, depression, passionless, questioning the purpose of life (3:00)

She describes “Dream-Mode” – more conscious of mind and body, expression, freedom, passion, enjoyment (4:20)

How Perfectionism can mask anxiety (11:20)

For women who are out of touch (no pun intended) with their sexuality: Jill talks about how seeds need to be planted early on when it comes to Sexuality. What do we need to know about pleasure and how to pleasure ourselves? And how can these knowings help when our bodies and minds are going through something tough? (30 mins)


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