“Let the World Kiss You”: Chameli Ardagh’s love of the great mystery

Chameli Ardagh is a yogini and women’s wisdom keeper. Her love of decoding and experimenting with ancient wisdom teachings through her own practice in yogini circles all over the world has crystallized maps of spiritual awakening and leadership that are accessible, practical and honoring of women today. Rooted in earth honouring, devotional women’s spirituality and goddess centered tantric yoga, she is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a key to spiritual awakening and embodiment.

We discussed in this episode:

~ Where therapy work meets spiritual wisdoms.

~ Looking from the attachment lens to bridge psychology and Goddess wisdom.

~ How we all have attachment disorders with our environments and earth.

~ Women’s circle’s & physical body as portal to ancient feminine wisdom.

~ How to toss everything up in the air so all can reclaim freedom if we don’t fit into the boxes our society has focused on. And, for those who identify as women, to celebrate so not to have more erasure of the feminine!

~ Therapist as Priestess beating the drum for Inanna’s Decent.


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