“I Trust My Body”: Women as Storytellers and Preservers of Wisdom with Jessica Austin

Jessica Austin is a powerful woman and doula, living with metastatic cancer and mothering her 1-year-old. She is a carrier of so much community medicine and, in my books, she is basically a magical unicorn.

In this conversation, we discuss women as storytellers and explore the importance of sharing around birth and birthing. 

If you love the authenticity in her sharing here, you might also listen to her podcast “If I’m Not Here To Tell You” which she has created so her daughter can always hear her stories in her voice. She explains in this conversation how she decided to share her story with the world to promote the idea of community learning, as we can all learn through listening to a real human share their truth, even (and especially) when it holds the pain and the beauty of life and death.

She shares in this episode around how:

~ Birthing is a wild mammal having a completely spontaneous process (5 mins)

~ Birth is traditionally a community experience – until it got put behind closed doors and how we started viewing the body and the baby as objects (8 mins)

~ We’re glorified “scientific knowledge” and kicked community learning to the side (10 mins)

~ If we don’t share our stories, they die with us… sometimes social media can be a way to share our true stories and document our personal legacy (20 mins)

~ Your Story Matters! (40 mins)

You can also check out her links @jessicaaustinchildbirth to be inspired by real birth stories, and explore ways of supporting her work!

Photo by Kendal Blacker Photography.


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