Re-imagining the World with the Primordial Power of Eros with Kate Joyner

After a lifetime of devotion to the ways of Mystery, Earth, Soul and Eros, her extraordinary path of Feminine Initiation has brought her to the edge of the long lost mysteries of the wild.

Here Kate serves as a guide to the mysteries of Soul by facilitating the remembrance of the Lost Arts of the Feminine. Our modern culture has banished and demonised the primordial power held within our Feminine Eros and its creative expression. We are at a time on the planet where this reclamation is not only possible, but necessary.

Kate believes that our creative life force energy, once fully embodied, is the revolutionary force that will change the world. She is devoted to creating alchemical journeys that catalyze the unfurling of the tender and powerful essence of each soul to come forth in service of re-imagining a culture rooted in true love and mythical wildness.

At essence, Kate is an Activist, Artist and Alchemist of Eros. She believes the reclamation of our feminine eros – our sexual and creative life force – IS the catalyst for our imminent cultural renaissance. She has created The Dancing Serpent Mystery School as a temple for this revolution of individual and collective awakening.

In this episode, we discuss:

~What is eros?

~Where is our Holy Yes: How every desire is ushering ourselves closer to ourselves.

~Coming into relationship from a place of deep fulfillment.

~Feeding and tending the transpersonal in relationship.


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