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Returning Home to Self, Earth and Spirit: Wild with inner wealth with Kate Leiper

I am so excited to share with you the latest conversation with this earth priestess!

Kate Leiper’s body of work is anchored in actively exploring feminine depth, self-intimacy and devotion, catalysed by motherhood and sustained by embodied experiences of returning home to self, earth and spirit.

Through meeting and honouring grief and loss stored in the body, Kate guides mothers and nurturers into deeper relationship with personal expressions of sensuality and creativity; increasing capacity for building and sustaining wildly prosperous and pleasure-filled lives.

Bridging the realms of psychology and spirituality through the artful practice of feminine embodiment, Kate’s ‘unsMothered’ principles and Diamond Mother Archetype framework are underpinned by a Graduate Degree in Drama & Education, a Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy, internationally recognised Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification and current teachings around somatics and trauma healing.

Holding great reverence for the fumbling, messy process of personal unravelling within a larger committment to dismantling internalised patriarchal indoctrination, Kate is committed to life-long inquiry and reclamation of bodily safety, consent, self-sovereignty, and social justice for those identifying as women, specifically in the domains of sex, birth and mothering.


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