Medicine for the Soul from an Ancient Songstress with Michelle Coutinho

I am so excited to share with you the latest conversation hosted by Wise Body’s new associate, Carmen!

Michelle Coutinho is a healer, songstress, and empowerment coach who helps spiritually conscious women and men attune to a deeper resonance with their voice, presence, and own their personal power. She is the creator of Vocal Alchemy + Embodiment, a process that rewires the energetic nervous system using the voice as a gateway to the subtle body to create a sense of lightness and expansion that releases stored trauma from the mental and emotional body and heals the psyche on a multi-dimensional level.

We hope you enjoy listening to them speak about Ram Das, musical theater, healing the witch wound, letting go of our false sense of control in order to find ourselves … and, you’ll get to hear an example of how we might open up to sharing our deep voice ♡


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