Pleasure as Prayer: Sex is Sacred with Melissa Louise

Melissa Louise says sexual energy is the reason we are born.

Melissa Louise says sexual energy is the reason we are born. Her mission is to support & empower both women & men to access and embody their birthright of pleasure. She’d love to see us move as a culture and society from the guilt and shame many of us carry about our very own bodies, to the freedom of truly occupying who we are.

The secret of our health, she says – physical, emotional and spiritual – lies in our sexual energy. It’s our true essence.

Through bold and down to earth sexual education she encourages and celebrates with you the cultivation of your sexual energy which is truly your life force.

In this third episode of Shakti Stories, Melissa shares how the secret to healing lies in sexual energy. She speaks about Sacred Sexuality, Womb Wellness, exploring The Law of Attraction in love-making and what it looks like to put our personal pleasure first! She is unapologetic in making her point that pleasure is our birthright. 

Please note that not all views or ideas expressed by guests are necessarily that of this counsellor.


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