Introducing Focusing-oriented Therapy


I created a video to share a little bit about Focusing-oriented Therapy and touch on why it might be helpful at this time and guide a short practice.

I believe that working in the implicit, subtle realms is so important right now as we navigate our relationship to the outer world.

Although pain and fear are often direct bodily experiences that we do not want to divert from, anxiety tends to takes place more in our imagination where we get way ahead of ourselves, often imagining worst case scenarios or worrying about things that aren’t under our control. It takes wisdom to recognize what is outside of our control and practice to work skillfully with what we do have within our influence. Working with imagination gives us that option to be present and focus our attention towards being of service to our true needs and the needs of our communities and our global village. The interconnectedness of all life on this planet has become undeniable given the current state of affairs that we all face now together.

Have a pen and paper with you as you might like to jot down any key words or insights that you find!


Angela Cara

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“Circlework provided for me a space to reflect and feel connected to myself and other women. To be able to take that feeling—that space—with me day to day provided me with a sense of empowerment and reassurance to any challenges I may face.”