How Long Does Therapy Take?


In my experience, people often say that they feel at least a little bit lighter even after the first session.

As everyone will have different intentions for the work, you will not be limited by any number of sessions. 

Most clients attend weekly sessions ongoingly until they have integrated the shifts they receive in session into their lives.

Short-term work is helpful when you are feeling “okay”, but you are looking for some help with discernment in relationships, growing your confidence in career choices, checking your blindspots or making decisions about your next steps forward in life transitions.

Longer-term work connects more to personal growth and healing. In this case, therapy takes time because you are doing deeper work to pull out the weeds of not-enoughness and learn to


Angela Cara

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“Circlework provided for me a space to reflect and feel connected to myself and other women. To be able to take that feeling—that space—with me day to day provided me with a sense of empowerment and reassurance to any challenges I may face.”