I’m curious how this fly meditation clip might connect to your life. Have you seen it?

We often think of meditation as a “to-do”. Many of my clients know about meditation these days and said they’d like to be doing it… but our brains are excuse-making machines and we will often find any distraction we can not to just sit and close our eyes. Meditation is not really a “to-do” (though becomes one in our busy lives. More than that, it’s time spent creating sacred space by paying attention to inner experience in a particular way. Western culture often brushes off the idea of energy as “new-age”, but many ancient cultures around the world have practices for connecting with our inner life-force energy as part of maintaining wellness.

If we get as far as the cushion with the intention to meditate, so often we will end up being bombarded by thoughts, much like the fly in this video. When we fight them they grow like mad, filling the space.

At the end, we see that the Samuri nods his head in acceptance as if to say, “yes, this too, even this” (as Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield have said).

Inside acceptance, the magic happens.

Without our resistance, our experience is free to occur and we find ourselves in meditation!