Living in Your Flow: Mapping your moon cycle with Jade Mason

Restore Your Feminine Spirit and Release Shame

Jade Mason is a modern day mystic who is passionate about seeing her clients thrive and live their best life! She provides empowerment mentoring, ancient wisdom teachings, consciousness expansion practises,  yoga, bodywork, breath work, sacred ceremony, healing & divination.  She also works with men to support them to learn new ways of relating to their beloved, support them to release old wounds & empower them with tools to move on to greater heights.

In this second episode of Shakti Stories, Jade is such a great example of a woman who leads from The Feminine. She shares in this episode how to map your menstrual cycle, release the shame around our moon time and embrace the rhythms of deep BEING. She teaches us the wisdom of our “magical menstruation” by walking us through the 4 archetypal patterns in our monthly cycles and really models heart-Centered living.

Activation cautionary: Jade shares about her first sexual experience. Her story includes forced sex. Although she shares how powerful it is to reclaim her story and how it ignites her passion for the work, this is not helpful for you to listen to today, please know part of self-care can be choosing what we allow into our awareness at a given time and some times we are not feeling bolstered or resourced enough to listen to a potentially triggering story. At other times, truth is the medicine.


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