Empower your Bliss

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Reclaim Your Tender Power and Return To Your Heart

Are you feeling like you could be experiencing more ease and joy in life?

We are living in a world where we have so many reasons not to feel relaxed in our body. Because of this, we have developed patterns that keep us from staying in touch with the instinctual feeling-self that guides us.

I enjoy helping people to identify the patterns that keep them feeling bogged down, stuck or flat. The work often includes strengthening inner and outer boundaries in order to protect personal vibrancy.

It also may include learning to live with more pleasure.

Not only does allowing yourself more pleasure directly correlate with the healing of trauma, it is also imperative for our personal and collective evolution that we begin to believe in a world where more pleasure is possible.




Passionate about Self-Compassion, Embodied Wisdom, Intimacy, Pregnancy, Spiritual Experience & Creativity, Angela Cara is a body-oriented Counselling Psychotherapist who loves serving people and The Feminine.




“Guided meditations are great. I’ve been
really able to dig deep in those moments.
I also liked learning about circles and
Circlework. Overall, I love the mix. Everything is well balanced.”


“I found the group to be made up of
really lovely people. It was nice just to
share and give and receive in a group of
like-minded, like-focused people.
It was nice, too, to just have the feeling of
being “led” in a very strong, capable way.
To be amongst those held in a container”.


“That’s what the world needs, the world
needs us to be in our being. This was said
in our first circle and something I held on to throughout each week. The circle was patient and kind. It was also thought-provoking. Thank you”.


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