Angela Cara, MA, RCC, FOT

Passionate about the tools of self-reflection, mindfulness, spiritual expansion and what I call 'Somatic Dreamwork' for healing, I am a trauma-informed Focusing Therapist who loves to guide or witness fellow travellers on the path of self-discovery identify and uproot past experience that inhibits your expression of pleasure, purpose and wholeness.

The Degrees:

Master of Counselling Psychology; Adler University, 2009-2011. Thesis: a Heuristic approach exploring the terrain of my psyche via several months of sitting with myself. "What is Changing as I Enter Formal Meditation Practice?"

Bachelor of Arts: Professional Communications; Royal Roads University, 2005-2006

Associate of Art Degree: Psychology; Camosun College, 2003-2005

Psychotherapy Training:

How to Assess for Dissociative Disorders and Conceptualize Treatment Planning in Complex Cases | Kathy Steele; Dec 2021 Online

Psilocybin Psychotherapist Training | Therapsil; Spring 2021

– Depth Psychology of Love | Dr. Ana Mozol; Online

– Dreamwork: Fate, The Destiny Line, Ritual & Shamanism | Dr. Ana Mozol; Online

– Rekindling Desire + Sessions | Esther Perel; Online

– How to Work with the Part of Trauma That Your Client Can’t Verbalize | Dr. Peter Levine; Online

Dreamwork For Yourself | Dr. Leslie Ellis; Online

Dreams Demystified Online Course | Dr. Leslie Ellis; Vancouver, BC

 2-year Focusing-Oriented Therapist Certification | Dr. Leslie Ellis; Vancouver, BC

– Mindful Self-Compassion Core Skills Training | Kristin Neff & Chris Germer

–  Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & More: An intensive online course | Dr. Rick Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson

Somatic Experiencing, Step by Step: Master the body-oriented approach to Trauma and Stress Disorders | Dr. Peter Levine; Online

–  Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma (course) | Dr. Janina Fisher; Online

– Art Therapy in Counselling | Adler School of Professional Psychology; Vancouver, BC

– Dreaming and Dream Interpretation in Counselling | Adler Center; Vancouver, BC

– Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) | Dr. Sue Johnson; Online

– Women's Depth Therapy | Dr. Ana Mozol; Adler University, Vancouver, BC

– Gestalt Therapy Workshop | Dr. Bea Mackay; Vancouver, BC

– Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Foundational Certificate | Behavioural Tech & Dr. Marsha Linehan; Online

– Mindfulness, Willingness and Radical Acceptance in Psychotherapy | Dr. Marsha Linehan, Seattle, WA

– Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) 2-day training | Mindsight Institute, Dr. Dan Siegel; Victoria, BC

– Adlerian Approach to Dreams Workshop | The Adler Center; Vancouver, BC

– Adlerian Approach to Art Therapy Workshop | The Adler Center; Vancouver, BC

Mindful Art Therapy Workshop | Dr. Duanita Eleniak, The Adler School; Vancouver, BC

– Mindful Eating Seminar | Skelly Publishing; Online

An Introduction to Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy |  (AEDP); Vancouver, BC

– Facilitated parenting group: "Discipline that Works" | Family Services of the North Shore; Vancouver, BC

Other Specialized Training or Experience

Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner Level 1 & 2 | Tami Lynn Kent, 2020-2022

Lalita Devi ~ The healing power of the erotically awake feminine; Tara ~the Art of Shakti Alchemy;

Saraswati ~ Expression. Wisdom. Freedom; Parvati ~ A Journey to Everlasting Love | Chameli Ardagh; Online

Doula Training | Wise Women Way of Birth; Victoria, BC

Activate Your Inner Jaquar | Kimberly Johnson; Online

Holotropic Breathwork | Assisted Bruce Tobin at The Psychedelics and Psychotherapy Conferences 2014 & 2016; Victoria, BC

– Dream Retreat | Tokopa; Saltspring Island

Courting the Dream | Tokopa; Online

– Circlework Certificate | Jalaja Bonheim; Light on the Hill, New York

Loving-Kindness Retreat: work with plants | Spring Washam and facilitators; Tarapoto, Peru

– Vipassana 10-day Meditation Retreat | Merritt, BC

– Mindfulness Intensive 7-Day Meditation Retreat | Spirit Rock, CA

The Art of Asking Beautiful Questions | weekend with David Whyte, Victoria, BC

– 7 Windows to the Soul: Chakra Weekend Workshop | Anodea Judith; Vancouver, BC

– Young Adults Mindfulness Intensive 7-Day Meditation Retreat | Spirit Rock, CA

– Insight Yoga Intensive | Sarah Powers; Esalen in Big Sur, CA)

– Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy – Level 1 | Vancouver, BC

– Restorative Yoga Level 1 | Tianne Allan; Vancouver, BC

– Lead with Love Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program | Shannon Cluff, Vancouver, BC

– 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training | Karma Yoga; Vancouver, BC

– Dreamwalking: A Course On Dreams | Tokopa; Online

– Non-Violent Communication Training | Raj Gill; Vancouver, BC

Feminine Treasures & The Tao of Love | Minke De VosVancouver, BC

– Dependent Origination Meditation Workshop Retreat | Christina Feldman; UBC, Vancouver, BC

– Archetypal Dreamwork Retreat | Hollyhock; Vancouver, BC

– Awakening The Heart | Thich Nhat Hanh; UBC, Vancouver, BC

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Angela + Carmen | November, 2021

I am a Mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapist working in private practice.  I am passionate about Dreams, Pleasure, Self-Compassion, Embodied Wisdom, Relationships, Women’s Work & Creativity.

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