I Fiercely Love the Women in My Life: Sisterhood, self-love and awakening the divine within ~ Ayesha Ophelia

How plant medicine can remind us of our true essence and more…

Ayesha Ophelia is a self-described complicated woman with a burning desire to see women living their wildest dreams 🔥

Her personal manifesto consists of a strong sisterhood, spirituality, a radical self-love practice, and adventure. She moonlights doing digital marketing + creative consulting with an emphasis on empowering transformational leaders.

Ayesha Ophelia IS Aphrodite. And if you know me, you know how I love the Goddess of Romance. In this Shakti Story, we touch on how Aphrodite is not only the Goddess of Romance with another, but representative of an inner bliss. She is the Goddess of Self-love ❤️ ❤️❤️

We discuss the challenges we face when it comes to sharing ourselves with the world, including the need to mend the Sister Wound and to revive our spirit of adventure!

She shares how even in times of great pain and loss, there is reassurance in synchronicity.

Ayesha emphasizes the magic that plant medicines have opened up in her journey and shares how she keeps working to expand her comfort zones and step into her purpose with more trust & courage.


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