Something New: A Jungian Group!


For something new … an all genders group called “Journey Into the Self”. 

I will be offering this with my colleague, Art Therapist Cammi Manchur. 

We will be exploring together 4 Jungian concepts over 4 weeks: the Persona, the Anima/Animus, the Shadow, and finally… the Self. 

I LOVE jungian psych! It is deep but can also be fun-filled and revealing in a way that adds a new depth of sight to intuitive insights. We will work with art, dreams and meditation.

For those who know me through therapy, this is not a process group to specifically work through problems. It is meant to invite more avenues of curiosity and perhaps awaken new possibilities in your life.

Let’s have a chat if you think this might be for you!


Angela Cara

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“Circlework provided for me a space to reflect and feel connected to myself and other women. To be able to take that feeling—that space—with me day to day provided me with a sense of empowerment and reassurance to any challenges I may face.”