What is a Registered Clinical Counsellor?

By Angela Cara | December 11, 2020

Registered Clinical Counsellors are those registered with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). There are many counselling diploma certificates which can provide an understanding of therapeutic theories and tools. There are various requirements for various forms of registration. At the moment, anyone can use the terms “counsellor” or “therapist”; however, what you can…

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How to Choose a Therapist

By Angela Cara | November 15, 2020

When I entered therapy training in 2007 I had never seen a therapist! People in my program would ask “So common, what’s your trauma? You must have something!” The truth is that we all have many somethings, but at the point in which I entered grad school I really didn’t identify in any way with…

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