I Am Creativity: Wake-up to your innate body wisdom with Bettina Rothe

Let’s talk about the path from depression to expression…

Bettina’s gift is to wake people up to the innate wisdom of their bodies. She brings people together into an authentic and safe environment to discover the joy and intelligence of the non-verbal, the intuitive and the power of being fully embodied. She facilitates the learning of tools to help people discover their full capacity to live and lead with greater clarity, presence and impact. Bringing attention to body posture, movement, breath, sensations, impulses and instincts honours the intelligence of the body.

In this episode Bettina describes how she works with the practice of 5 Rhythms and the field of somatic intelligence where mind, emotions and intuition unite in the body. She speaks about the invitation to use the body as a resource and a gateway to increase our power of voice.
Bettina explains how through the approach of embodied spirituality we can honour the body and all that is seated in it including instincts, sensations, feelings and sexuality.


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