What is Embodied Spirituality?

Angela + Carmen | November, 2021

We all function from programs. The task of healing is to become conscious of the programs that we are functioning from. It’s an arduous journey, a heroic challenge, to deeply reflect and unravel the outdated ones so we can re-write these programs while also living our modern lives. How do we prioritize our soulwork so that we can move forward in our lives with new ways of being, while also attending to the practical everyday stuff like the dishes, the bills, the pets, the needs of our bodies…the needs of others…?

I find solace when I am overwhelmed with it all by remembering that there is a basic energy that makes everything run smooth. My first step, always, is to re-embody that. This energy has been referred to as Shakti, Chi or Prana in different spiritual systems. I call it life-forward energy, vitality, or spirit.

We have many coping strategies that keep our vitality hidden. We hide it because we don’t want to feel the pain from our past, we fear deep connection with others or we realize the issues inherent in the larger cultural system that we are apart of and the work it will take to liberate ourselves from that. One person’s strategy to avoid the pain could be to live more in their head (hiding in thought), another could be to push people away while keeping them “close enough” through constant chatter, another could be to make everything look perfect all of the time.

Returning to one’s center is simple, but not always easy. It requires that we trust, again, the energy that is moving through the body, just as most of us did as kids. It requires grounding – a connection with the environment around us that makes us feel safe and alive, and consciousness – the inner organization of information via memories, dreams, and understandings. When we weave consciousness into the body, we find a dynamic energy flow running through our entire being, embodying our spirituality.


Angela Cara

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“Circlework provided for me a space to reflect and feel connected to myself and other women. To be able to take that feeling—that space—with me day to day provided me with a sense of empowerment and reassurance to any challenges I may face.”